Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Scam Using Bogus Law Enforcement Officer

 Bogus Law Enforcement Officer Attempting to Scam Community

Mesa County, Colo. -- A new scam has hit Mesa County where law enforcement is being used to manipulate the community.   Recently, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office has received several reports from the community about being contacted by an individual identifying themselves as a local law enforcement officer.  The individual, who is identifying himself as "Officer Johnson" (but may be using multiple different names and police rank designations) is telling people that a family member has been arrested and a bond must be posted for them to get out.  The male suspect has requested the bond money be wired to an out of state location. He may also tell you there is a "gag order" on the case or that you are not allowed to contact any other law enforcement officer but him.  "Officer Johnson" has also provided a contact number of 1-888-316-9496.  Investigators are currently working on the case. 

Be aware! Law enforcement agencies would NOT contact you and request money to be wired to an out of state location to post a bond.  If you  receive a similar type call please report it to your local law enforcement agency.