Monday, June 29, 2015

Meth, Heroin and Marijuana Top Weekend Drug Arrests

Weekend Arrest Recap: Meth, Heroin & Marijuana

Michael McIlveene, 20
MCSO Booking Photo
Mesa County, Colo. -- Friday, June 26, at 8:40 p.m., deputies working the camp ground of the Loudwire music festival contacted 20-year-old, Michael McIlveene, of Manitou Springs, Colo. Initially, Michael was issued a summons for underage consumption of marijuana. Although, through further investigation, deputies located more than 10 grams of suspected heroin, 9 unused hypodermic needles and other evidence supporting felony drug use by Michael. (Clarification note: While personal amounts of marijuana are legal in Colorado, only for adults 21 years and older.)

He was transported by deputies to the Mesa County Detention Facility and booked into jail on charges associated with possession of a schedule II controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Christopher Nichols, 30
MCSO Booking Photo
On Saturday, June 27, around 9:30 p.m., Christopher Nichols, 30, of Grand Junction, was arrested following a traffic stop in the area of 30 Road and Hill Court. Deputies located suspected methamphetamine inside the vehicle driven and owned by Christopher, located in plain view. Christopher also spoke with deputies later in the night, admitting to snorting and injecting crystal meth. In addition, he told deputies he hadn't sleep in several days and didn't recall the last time he had slept.

The total packaged weight of the suspected meth was more than 10 grams. Christopher was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on charges of driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a schedule II controlled substance (meth), no proof of insurance, failing to drive in a single lane, no registration in vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving without wearing a seatbelt.

Esau Matus, 19, of Grand Junction, was arrested on Sunday, June 28, at about 9:30 p.m., in the area of I-70 Business Loop and 32 Road, Clifton. Deputies conducting speed checks in the area with certified radar, clocked him going 10 miles an hour over the posted speed limit. Esau's driver's license was suspended for a DUI (alcohol offense) arrest in March 2015.

Esau Matus, 19
MCSO Booking Photo
Deputies located a marijuana smoking pipe inside Esau's truck, packed with marijuana and an additional bag of marijuana next to the pipe. He was booked into the jail on charges related to driving under the influence (of drugs), driving with a revoked license for (previous) DUI, no proof of insurance, speeding, seatbelt violation, possession of marijuana by an dunderage person and marijuana paraphernalia possession by an underage person.

For updated bond information on any inmate currently in our detention facility, visit our Inmate Inquiry website.

Armed Robbery In Clifton

Male Suspect Surprises Store Clerk, Demands Cash

MCSO Photo from store surveillance video.
June 26, 2015
Mesa County, Colo. -- The time was about 1 a.m., on Friday, June 26, when dispatch sent deputies to a report of an armed robbery at a gas station on the corner of Nottingham Drive and 32 Road, in Clifton. The suspect is seen in store video by investigators to have a handgun when he enters the store and the clerk describes a handgun being pointed at him during the robbery.

The store clerk described the adult male suspect as demanding cash, which was provided and then the suspect left the store. No one was injured, but the suspect did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect was wearing a solid red hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and sneakers. The suspect has a thin build, possibly weighing up to 150 pounds, and is approximately 5'7" to 5'9" tall. Anyone with information about this case or the suspect should call Crime Stopper of Mesa County, at: (970) 241-7867.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Traffic Stop Leads To Meth Arrest

Rx Pills, Meth In Woman's Purse

Kimberly Selan, 38, of GJ
MCSO Booking Photo
June 2015
Mesa County, Colo. -- A traffic violation resulted in deputies contacting Kimberly Selan, 38, of Grand Junction, in the area of Hall Avenue and 32 Road, Clifton, yesterday evening. Located inside her purse were several xanax pills in a prescription bottle with the label torn off, and a second case containing a glass methamphetamine smoking pipe and suspected meth.

Kimberly was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on one count each of possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance (meth), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule III/IV/V controlled substance (xanax) and a traffic violation. For updated bond information on any inmate currently in our jail, visit our Inmate Inquiry System webpage.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MCSO Recent Incidents & Arrests

Top Recaps: Stolen Vehicle On Fire, Child Abuse Arrest 

MCSO Photo: LVFD on-scene of vehicle on fire along I-70.
Mesa County, Colo. -- Yesterday night was the last time Grand Junction owners of an SUV saw their vehicle before deputies told them it was located near mile marker 4 along Interstate 70. The SUV was reported to be on fire on the shoulder of the road just before 1 a.m., on June 23.

Lower Valley Fire Department and Colorado State Patrol assisted deputies in securing the scene, keeping traffic flowing and extinguishing the fire. Deputies have an active investigation open into the auto theft and cause of the fire.

Earlier in the day yesterday, a passerby driving in the area of D 1/2 and Morning Dove Roads, around 6:30 p.m., found two young children walking alone. Deputies later identified the children and the residence where they had come from. Brandon Pecha, 22, of Grand Junction, was arrested on three counts of child abuse at a home on Hummingbird Court, in Grand Junction. Deputies found Brandon initially unresponsive to their voices, where he appeared to be passed out in the living room area, with a semi-automatic handgun next to him.

Brandon Pecha, 22, of GJ
March 2015 MCSO Photo 
Brandon had previously been contacted by other law enforcement agencies twice within the last 24 hours, to include receiving a shoplifting summons around 1:30p.m., on June 22. Brandon was uncooperative during the booking process into the Mesa County Detention Facility, thus an updated booking photo is currently not available.

Deputies previously arrested Brandon on March 3, 2015, for violation of a protection order; April 2, 2014, for criminal mischief and first degree criminal trespassing; and Grand Junction Police Department officers arrested him on June 13, 2013, on a failure to appear in court warrant.

For updated information on any inmate currently in our jail facility, visit our Inmate Inquiry System webpage.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recent Drug Arrests In Mesa County

Patrol & Street Crime Deputies Make Drug Arrests

Mariah Loya, 20, of GJ
MCSO Photo
Mesa County, Colo. --  Yesterday evening, deputies stopped a vehicle pulling a trailer in the area of 28.5 Road and North Ave., Grand Junction, for traffic violation. Two passengers in the truck were ultimately arrested on active warrants.

Mariah Loya, 20, of Grand Junction, was one of those arrested on active warrants (2 failure to appear in court warrants, cash or surety bond of $1,643.00). During her pat down incident to arrest, deputies located a total of 9.3 grams of packaged suspected meth inside her bra. She was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on the warrants and a new felony charge of possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance.
MCSO PHoto: 28.5 Road traffic stop,
just south of North Ave on June 17, 2015.

In a separate arrest, deputies contacted Desiree Vallejos, 20, of Grand Junction, in the area of E and Sheldon Roads, just after midnight on June 17. Desiree was suspected of driving a vehicle recklessly in the area of 32 and E Roads, Clifton, just moments before crashing it near Sheldon Road where deputies contacted her. She was verified as not having her driver's license revoked and five active warrants for her arrest.

Desiree Vallejos, 20, of GJ
2014 MCSO Photo 
Colorado State Patrol arrived on-scene to investigate the vehicle crash, as our agency does not perform vehicle crash investigations. Deputies did charge Desiree with new charges and booked her into the Mesa County Detention Facility on the active warrants, as well as driving under revocation, failure to use a turn signal, vehicular eluding, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule I/II controlled substance (suspected meth) and possession of an illegal weapon.

Desiree is currenting being held on a $12, 350.00 cash only bond. Updates on bond amounts for any inmate currently in our jail, can be found on our Inmate Inquiry website.

Victim Advocate Program Recruiting Additional Volunteers

Local Law Enforcement Recruiting For Victim Advocates

Mesa County, Colo. -- The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and the Grand Junction Police Department are recruiting additional volunteer Victim Advocates who have the heart and compassion to stand with those who are experiencing some of the worst times in their lives. New recruits will attend a 35-hour training program sponsored by both agencies, and then begin serving the community by providing support, comfort and resources to victims of crime and other traumatic incidents.

Victim advocates who volunteer with the GJPD respond to law enforcement incidents within the city limits of Grand Junction. MCSO victim advocates respond to areas outside of the city limits of Grand Junction, to include Fruita, Palisade and the greater Mesa County community.

New volunteers can enroll through the end of August 2015, with the academy classes beginning September 1. Classes will run every Tuesday and Thursday evening, plus Saturday, September 26, covering a variety of topics that provide training and skills to handle a variety of crisis situations.

  • Mesa County Sheriff's Office program contact is, Tracy Baker. Her direct phone number is, (970) 244-3275 or email her at, Click here to view a MCSO application.

  • Grand Junction Police Department program contact is, Mary Harmeling. Her direct number is, (970) 549-5290 or email her at,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stolen Chicken Coop

No Golden Egg For Suspected Thief

Mesa County, Colo. -- Deputies located a stolen chicken coop today and charged Karl Antunes, 50, of Grand Junction, with theft and criminal mischief. He was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility today.

Deputies recovered the stolen coop from Karl's backyard and it's currently being held as evidence. Deputies who recovered the stolen property said there were no chickens in the coop when they recovered it.

Patrol Sgt. Travis Christensen warned, don't steal chicken coops on his team's watch. This coop has an estimated value of $1,200, and this was no joking matter.

Need a VIN inspection? See Mesa County's Clerk & Recorder

VIN Inspection Done By Civilian Staff At MCSO, 

Now At Clerk's Office

Mesa County, Colo. -- Starting June 15, Mesa County residents who need a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection should stop by the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's office, 200 S. Spruce St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Under state law, VIN inspections are to be handled by the Clerk and Recorder, law enforcement or Colorado dealers. Years ago, when civilian staff manned the Mesa County Sheriff's Office 24 hours a day, they began helping with VIN inspections after regular business hours.

The Sheriff's Office will continue doing VIN inspections on vehicles that are not drivable. To arrange an on-site inspection, call non-emergency dispatch at (970) 242-6707.

All other VIN inspections will be conducted by the Clerk and Recorder's Office during normal business hours or by Colorado dealers. Certified VIN inspections are still handled by Colorado State Patrol.

"The number of VIN inspections done by Sheriff's Office staff is minimal," Sheriff Matt Lewis, said. "We do not expect this change to increase the workload at the Clerk's Office in any significant way. This move is primarily about efficiency in practice and should cause little to no inconvenience to citizens."

For more information about VIN inspections, call the Clerk and Recorder at (970) 244-1664 or visit

Monday, June 1, 2015

Suspicious Death Investigation Now Homicide Investigation

FINAL: Homicide Investigation Update

Released June 10, 2015

A case summary report from the Lawrence Marez homicide investigation is being released as a final update to this investigation. To read the case summary, click here.

Released June 9, 2015

Mesa County, Colo. -- Today, the Adams County Coroner released the identity of the deceased female following an incident with law enforcement on the Front Range on June 3, 2015. Barbara Blanton-Marez, was identified by the Adams County Coroner in their news release, who is the same person named as a person of interest in the homicide investigation of Lawrence Marez, which began on June 1.

Through the course of the homicide investigation, the evidence consistently points to Barbara likely being the sole suspect in the stabbing death of Lawrence. Investigators continue to work this homicide investigation.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

Released June 3, 2015

Mesa County, Colo. -- Early this morning, the Mesa County Coroner released the identity of the deceased male as Lawrence Marez, 50, of Grand Junction. The Coroner determined the manner of death is homicide, and the release is posted here to read more details.

Late this morning, law enforcement officials in the Weld County area were in a vehicle pursuit with the red truck. Initial information from the Front Range scene shared with our investigators, indicates the truck is believed to be the stolen truck listed below and the deceased driver is likely Barbara. Barbara was named yesterday as a person of interest in a death investigation being handled by our agency. We can't stress enough however, that it will take time to make a positive ID and that has not yet occurred. Agency investigators are enroute to Weld County.

Updates will continue to be posted as they become available.

Barbara Blanton-Marez
May 2015 Photo

Previously Released June 2, 2015

Mesa County, Colo. -- An autopsy of the adult man found inside the residence at 2976 Globe Willow Avenue, Grand Junction, is being conducted today by the Mesa County Coroner. Investigators have named Barbara A. Blanton-Marez, 39, of Grand Junction, as a person of interest in the death investigation. Barbara is currently wanted on a felony escape warrant and a non-compliance warrant for walking away from Community Corrections on May 29, in Mesa County. She was serving a three-year Community Corrections sentence for felony menacing.

Barbara Ann Blanton-Marez
Feb 2015 MCSO Photo
This morning, investigators issued an attempt to locate bulletin for Barbara as a person of interest, and for a stolen truck she might be driving. The truck is a red 2007 Ford with Colorado license plate, 651ZSA. Anyone who sees her or the truck should call 911. Do not contact her.

The Mesa County Coroner is expected to release information about the deceased male upon completion of the autopsy. The death investigation is ongoing. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Previously Released June 1, 2015 at 8: 22 p.m.

Mesa County, Colo. -- Deputies were called to a residential home in the 2900 block of Globe Willow Avenue, Grand Junction, at 4 p.m. Dispatch sent deputies there on a report of a deceased adult male inside the home.

2900 Block of Globe Willow Ave., Grand Junction
Investigators, along with the agency's crime scene van, were called to the scene and will process it tonight. A number of people are speaking with investigators this evening as this case continues to develop. No arrests have been made in connection to this case. The Mesa County Coroner will determine cause and manner of death following an autopsy. The Coroner will also confirm identity of the deceased man and release that information as it can be made available.

This suspicious death investigation is active and on-going, with updates provided as they become available.

MCSO Weekend Drug Arrests, Nab Two

Meth & Heroin Arrests Over Weekend

Charles Mosby, 54
Mesa County, Colo. -- Deputies conducted a traffic stop around 8 p.m., on Saturday evening, in the area of 30 and D 1/2 Roads, Grand Junction. The driver, Charles Mosby, 54, of Clifton, was ultimately booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on drug distribution and related charges.

During the booking process, Charles admitted to stashing about one gram of meth and about 20 grams of heroin in his rectum just prior to the traffic stop. In addition to possession and distribution charges, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a felony charge of introducing contraband into the Detention Facility was added to his booking charges. The drugs were naturally extracted and then processed as evidence.

Sterling Pinnt, 27
On Sunday afternoon, deputies arrested Sterling Pinnt, 27, of Clifton, in the 600 block of Ronlin Drive, Grand Junction. Sterling was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an elderly male, crimes against an at-risk adult, second degree burglary, reckless endangerment, criminal tampering and child abuse--acts with criminal negligence (no death/injury).

For updated information regarding bonds for either inmate, or anyone else currently booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility, visit our Inmate Inquiry System webpage.