Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Possible Phone Scam Circulating Area

No Victims Reported, But Suspicious Calls To Area Resident

Mesa County, Colo.-- Property Crimes Unit Investigator took a call from a County resident of suspicious calls she has recently been receiving at her home. The resident reports the calls appear on her Caller-ID equipment as the following various phone numbers:
  • 970.128.4946 
  • 970.175.1856
  • 970.167.1389
  • 970.154.8638
  • 970.194.9817
When the resident answered one of the calls, she was advised she entered a sweepstakes and then the caller asked for a credit card number, from her. She did not provide the caller any personal or financial information and was not a victim of the scam. The resident's Caller-ID equipment listed the return number as originating from a Middle Eastern country, even though it appears with a local area code.

This is likely an attempt by a fraudster to obtain personal financial information with the intent to commit a crime(s). We have no reported victims at this time for this specific fraud attempt, however, we share this information as a reminder to citizens to remain vigilant in not providing personal or financial information over the phone or to anyone you don't know, or didn't contact directly yourself. 

For additional tips on not becoming a victim of a telemarketing scam, visit the FBI's website on the topic. And, to report a non-emergency crime in Mesa County, call dispatch at (970) 242-6707 or to report an emergency call, 911.

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