Friday, March 10, 2017

Check the weather before you burn!!

MESA COUNTY, Colo - Open Burn Season doesn't mean open season on irresponsible burning.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone to take the necessary precautions before burning. Just yesterday there were two brush fires started in the Grand Valley because of out-of-control burning.

Residents who wish to burn weeds, garden debris or other yard waste as part of their spring cleanup efforts will need to purchase a permit from the Mesa County Health Department. Agricultural burning also requires a permit.

Once you obtain a permit, it is your responsibility to check weather conditions before you being burning. Dry, windy weather conditions can take a controlled burn and turn it into an out-of-control brush fire very quickly.

Before you burn
  • Plan where you are going to be burning. Make sure you maintain a distance of at least 50 feet from any structure including fences during the entire burn. 
  • Got Water? Have a water source on site that is readily accessible to keep the fire perimeter cooled down and prevent uncontrolled fire from spreading 
  • Don't work alone! Make sure you have enough help to contain the perimeter of the burn. 
  • Start Early! Morning hours tend to be the best time of the day to burn. Temperatures are cooler, winds tend to be light and humidity levels are higher. 
  • Avoid the Afternoon! Temperatures are rising, humidity levels are decreasing and generally winds increase as the atmosphere heats up causing increased fire behavior. 
After you burn
  • Is it out? Make sure you have inspected the perimeter of your burned area. If there is any embers or heat left it can rekindle vegetation and start a brush fire.
  • Check again! It never huts to check on your burned area throughout the day.
If your burn gets out-of-control, you can be held Criminally and Civilly responsible for burning another person's property.

For more information about Open Burn Season click here.