Sunday, May 17, 2015

Do You Recognize This Man?

Help Us Put A Name To This Face

Do you recognize this man?
If so, call: (970) 244-3263

Initial ID Of Man Has Been Determined

Mesa County, Colo. -- On May 21, the primary investigator working to identify the man in the photo believes he found the man's family. And, has been able to obtain a name and date of birth for the man. That information has been provided to the Mesa County Coroner who will work to make positive identification and official notification to the man's next of kin.

A poster asking the public for help in identifying his was circulated on social media, and eventually reached people in and outside of the Country, who recognized him. Without the proactive responses from our social media followers, the appropriate closure to this case would not have happened so quickly.

Body Of Adult Male Found In Canal, Needs To Be Identified

Previously Released on May 17, 2015 -- On May 11, 2015, a public notice was released asking the public for assistance in identifying a deceased adult male recovered in Mesa County, on Sunday, May 10. A cell phone was recovered with the body and on it, was this image. We believe this photo is a selfie of the deceased man.

Investigators and the Mesa County Coroner are asking law enforcement agencies nationwide, as well as the community locally, for assistance in trying to identify the body of the deceased man found in the canal in the area of 14 and P Roads, Loma.

The man is described as between the age of 20 and 40 years old, 5'10" tall, weighing about 175 pounds. He has dark brown or black hair that is more than 12 inches long. Both ears are pierced, he has a number of tattoos which are all located on his back. The tattoos include three names: Alex, Clara and Janitzio (all on his back). Most notably he has the image of a Grimm Reaper and an image of Jesus, also only his back. Other than his back, he has a barb wire tattoo on his left wrist and a small tattoo on his left ring finger.

The man was wearing black lace-up work boots, wore a wedding style ring on his left thumb and was wearing blue jeans, when his body was recovered from the canal. Anyone with information about who this man might be, should call Investigator Pete Burg at, (970) 244-3263.