Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deputies & SARC Rescue Three Trucks Stuck In Mud

Skinny Ridge Mud Bogging, Three Stuck Overnight

Three truck rescue
location marked in red.
Mesa County, Colo. -- Just before 11 p.m., last night, deputies were dispatched to three trucks stuck in the mud at Skinny Ridge. The trucks and drivers were directly north of the Grand Junction Regional Airport on public land. No trucks were damaged, but we suspect a few egos were bruised.
Rural Area Deputy truck with
2014 spring mud on it.
Evidence on scene of the rescue show one truck was originally stuck and the driver called for assistance. A second truck and driver arrived, attempted to get the first truck unstuck, only to become bogged down in the mud, as well. Those drivers contacted a third driver and truck for a self rescue attempt. That too was unsuccessful and dispatch was reached about 10:50 p.m.

Deputies and Search & Rescue ATV volunteers responded to the area at the base of the towering Bookcliffs to our north and located all three trucks. All the trucks were pulled out of the mud and everyone was able to return home, muddy, but unscathed.

People enjoying the outdoors and adventure areas Mesa County has to offer, should be prepared to spend the night in the outdoors and prepare/pack accordingly. While cell phone service worked for this group, it doesn't always and there should be an alternate emergency plan when headed out, such as advising a third party of your destination and time of return.

The Mesa County Sheriff does not charge for search and rescue missions. We want to encourage everyone to call for assistance as soon as possible, report overdue outdoor adventurers right away and don't attempt to self rescue each other. We have well trained and experienced search & rescue members and deputies, don't hesitate to utilize them.