Thursday, July 10, 2014

Phone Scam In Mesa County

Phone Scam Circulating In Mesa County

Mesa County, Colo. -- We are aware of a new scam involving the citizens of Mesa County. Citizens are being called by someone claiming to be from Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. The caller informs them they have missed Jury Duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. They then are requesting an immediate call and/or credit card, to take care of the warrant.

This is NOT Mesa County Sheriff’s Office making these calls. Mesa County Sheriff’s Office does NOT, ever solicit funds over the phone. As always, if you receive a phone call from someone that you do NOT know, or from a company that you have NOT requested the services of: DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION. EVER.

If you  believe you have been a victim of a scam or fraud, or would like to report a possible scam, call non-emergency dispatch at: (970) 242-6707.