Friday, July 11, 2014

Four Suspects Need Identified

Stolen Credit Cards Used Around Grand Junction

Suspect Vehicle: Faded blue Dodge Truck
Mesa County, Colo. -- The first report was for multiple items stolen out of vehicles, in a parking lot of a recreational site in Mesa County. Deputies took the reports on July 6, 2014. Since then, credit cards believed to have been removed during that break-in string have been used across town.

Female Suspect
Four suspects have been identified in connection to using the stolen credit cards (three are pictured here). The following surveillance photos are released in an effort to assist our investigators in identifying the suspects. 
Male Suspect #1

The female suspect is described as wearing a 'Dopeboys' t-shirt in this surveillance video picture (left).

The male suspect #1 (photo right), is described as having dark hair with a widows peak, a small amount of facial hair and big ears. He was wearing a black or dark colored shirt, jeans and had on a gray or blue wrist band on his left arm.
Male Suspect #2
The male suspect #2 (photo right), was bald or shaved his head, wearing the black sweatshirt seen in this surveillance photo. 

The fourth suspect was not photographed, but was the driver of the blue Dodge pick-up truck. The truck has distinguishing faded paint on the hood, likely from heat or water damage. 

Anyone with information about this group, should contact Inv. Henderson directly at: (970) 244-3264, or through Crime Stoppers of Mesa County.