Monday, July 7, 2014

Man Jailed for Child Abuse on 5-Month-Old Son

Child Who Suffered Seriously Bodily Injury, Father Arrested

   Father made claims of "dropping" 5-month-old, leading to a skull fracture 

By: Katie, MCSO Intern 

Mesa County, Colo.— On June 26, 2014 deputies arrested Chad Martin, 29, of Grand Junction, on an arrest warrant out of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office by Investigator Peter Burg. Martin has been charged with two counts of child abuse. One count was under the knowing or reckless actions that caused seriously bodily injury, and the second count was under lack of medical care/ knowingly, with serious bodily injury.

Chad Martin, 29, of Grand Junction
Chad made claims to dropping the 5-month-old baby onto a carpeted cement floor as the child pushed away from him. Originally, a local physician agreed the scenario for the injuries the baby had could be consistent with the events described by the father, Chad Martin. However, in a later discussion with the Sheriff's Office investigator, Chad revealed the child hit his head on the toe of a steel toed boot.

Chad told and showed his mother the injuries the child had suffered and she said it did not appear too serious and that she did not think he needed to see a doctor, but to watch the child to see if he got worse. Chad also told investigators he talked to a neighbor, whom he described as a 'nurse.' Chad said, when she did a quick eye exam and a reflex type exam she thought the child was fine, and unless the child worsened, he did not need to see a doctor.

The mother of the child was also informed of the injury on the same day it occurred. Sarah McManis stated Chad first said, he had dropped the child on his foot, not mentioning the steel toed boots until after a couple of statements to her about his own foot. Information was later revealed that the neighbor/nurse is unemployed and did take a 'med tech' class, but is not a nurse. Several attempts have been made by Investigator Burg to contact her, but have been unsuccessful.

On September 17, 2013, DHS called Investigator Burg and stated that, "all the doctors agree this was non-accidental trauma. The type of fracture could not have been caused by the mechanism explained by Chad." By this time, the child had developed another bruise on the other side of his face, as well as the skull fracture. Chad originally agreed to take a polygraph test but later declined the polygraph and advised he wanted to speak to an attorney.

Further findings by pediatric physician specialists, outside of Mesa County, relayed the following description fro cause of the injuries as "he had not been dropped but more likely was either hit against a hard object, causing injury to both sides of his head/face, or his head was shoved against something causing the bruise to his face and fracture to his head. Both instances would require a great deal of force."

After final reports came in from physicians, there was probable cause to believe that Chad Martin caused the injury to his son. He was arrested without incident and is currently booked in the Mesa County Detention Facility.