Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Inmate Visitation Goes On-Line

Inmate Visitation Scheduling Done On Website Or In Lobby Kiosk

Mesa County, Colo. -- The last day to schedule an inmate visitation appointment with an inmate in our facility by telephone is today, December 18, through 5pm. As of yesterday, the public wishing to visit an inmate in our facility can make the visitation appointment from the convenience of their own home. Assuming you have a computer and internet connection. This will make the processing of scheduling an inmate visit much easier for friends and family of our inmates. 
During the booking process, each inmate provides up to 10 names of potential visitors to our detention staff. Of those 10 names, those people can then make a visitation appointment through our agency website or lobby kiosk once the inmate is assigned to a housing unit. 

Inmates who are in our facility for an extended amount of time or get booked into our facility on multiple occasions throughout the year, can update or modify the names on their visitor list in 2014 at the end of April, July and October. 

If you are not on the pre-approved visitor list for the inmate you want to visit, you will not be able to make a visitation appointment. Because our Records Management System and Video Visitation System interface, each inmate visitor must be entered into our system in advance of scheduling an inmate visit. Also, when make an inmate visitation appointment online, you will need to use your email account through a service such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

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