Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Canned Food Drive Ends, Food Delivered To Local Vet Center

Early in the food drive

Canned Food Delivered To Local Vet Center

Early in the food drive
Mesa County, Colo. -- Just in time for the holidays! Throughout the month of November, the Sheriff's Office collected canned food and non-perishable food from our employees, the public and many of our fellow County employees. On Tuesday, December 03, 2013, the hundreds of pounds of food collected was delivered to the local Vet Center by our agency Street Crimes Unit deputies. Two of the three deputies who delivered the food yesterday are veterans themselves, who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and were honored to be part of this delivery.

As the month went on, more food kept arriving
The idea was meant for Sheriff's Office employees to bring in a few cans of food. But quickly the participation grew when Mesa County Criminal Justice Services and the 21st Judicial District Attorney's Office challenged their own employees to donate to the effort. Also, individual County employees were moved to donate and citizens saw posts on our agency Facebook page and many dropped off bangs or boxes of food direct from the grocery store to our lobby.

Delivering boxes of food
The officials at the local Vet Center are still collecting from area businesses this week, like Cabella's. And, they will take donations directly at their office from anyone with a desire to give. They told us, last year they had enough donated food to make 65 boxes and gave out 55 food boxes to local veterans in need before Christmas (the rest of the food boxes were handed out as needed throughout the following months). Many of those veterans last year had families with them, too. This year, they anticipate collecting more food but also a greater amount of veterans needing those food boxes. When food boxes aren't given out before Christmas, they are kept for any veteran with a need as the year goes on. Also, grocery store gift cards are great donations to this cause because they allow the veteran to purchase fresh meat and/or vegetables to go with their canned food items.

Food being delivered
So, we challenge you to give to this cause or any other local effort this holiday season where someone less fortunate can benefit from your gift. To find or contact the local Vet Center, click here.

The Bearcat stuffed with donated food

Food delivered to local Vet Center