Friday, December 4, 2015

A Round Of Applause, Please


Mesa County, Colo. -- This afternoon, Sheriff Matt Lewis and his command staff present a variety of awards during the agency's annual award ceremony event. The following is a summary of the awards presented and the very deserving recipients.

  • Citizen Citation of Merit: Awarded to a citizen for assistance rendered to the agency, which resulted in the saving of a life or the advancement of justice in any significant way, which put the citizen in possible danger or risk to their lives or property.

    • Kimberly Smith was presented the Citizen Award by Sheriff Matt Lewis after a few words from Sgt. Matt King. Kimberly fought of a carjacking and violent suspect leading to his apprehension and limited further crime spree.

    • Cathy Kast and her daughter Alexis Kast are being presented the Citizen Award by Sheriff Matt Lewis. The mother and daughter actively fought off a home intruder and later spotted him, calling in his movements to law enforcement allowing him to be arrested for the burglary incident.
Cathy Kast & Alexis Kast | Citizen Award

Cathy Kast & Alexis Kast | Citizen Award

Sgt. Matt King with Kimberly Smith | Citizen Award

Kimberly Smith | Citizen Award

  • Volunteer Recognition went to Tom Freeman who volunteers with the Sheriff's Office for 18 years.
    Tom Freeman and his wife | 18 Years of Service

  • 25 Years of Service with Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

(Right to center) Inv. Jim Hebenstreit, Sandra Romans & Inv. Scott Ehlers

  • Commendation Awards for employees who embodied Outstanding Service.

Deputy John Coleman | Commendation Award

Deputy Dave Wiltgen | Commendation Award
Deputy Ben Lawrence | Commendation Award

  • Excellence Award: Awarded to employees who, through their own efforts, have developed and initiated a means of significant increasing the agency's administrative or operational efficiency or effectiveness.

Carla Dittman | Excellence Award Recipient

Deputy Casey Dodson | Excellence Award Recipient

Manager Connie Olson | Excellence Award Recipient

Deputy James Cannon | Excellence Award Recipient

  • Life Saving Award: Awarded to members of the agency who, while employed, perform significant life saving measures on an individual; and that these actions led to the prolonging of life to the extent that the victim was released to the care of medical authorities. 
Former Deputy Jaeda Cannizzaro and Nurse Heather Hanvey | Life Saving Award

  • Medal of Merit: Awarded to an employee who voluntarily places himself at significant risk to apprehend a violent criminal suspect in the commission of a crime.
Sgt. Matt King | Medal of Merit Recipient

  • Medal of Valor: Awarded to an employee who has performed an act of valor beyond the call of duty in a situation presenting a significant danger to the employee, and during which the employee preserves and carries out whatever must be done with demonstrated courage and professionalism to save a life or perform a duty. The employee in so doing severely jeopardizes his own life.
Deputy Garth Cowley | Medal of Valor Recipient