Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sheriff Comments On Legal Challenge To Amendment 64

Sheriff Lewis Comments On Marijuana Lawsuit

Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis,
elected to office in November 2014

Direct from the desk of Sheriff Matt Lewis...

I am pleased to have the opportunity to comment on the recently filed challenge to the constitutionality of Amendment 64, a complex issue. Like the other sheriffs who are party to the lawsuit, I believe it creates a quandary as to whether federal or state, takes precedence when determining the enforcement priorities for Mesa County.

While I respect the electoral process used to amend our state constitution and legalize recreational marijuana, this outcome has created unexpected consequences. Subsequently, Mesa County and many other areas in our state have scrambled to deal with those consequences.

I am encouraged about the filing of this lawsuit as I see it as an appropriate use of our judicial system to rule on the legal issue regarding the conflict between the State of Colorado and the federal government. I am hopeful the lawsuit will result in this issue being heard and resolved.

I am committed to being responsive to the citizens of Mesa County and realize we, the voters of Mesa County, did not vote to support Amendment 64. Regardless, our state constitution was amended and recreational marijuana was legalized. As we follow this lawsuit, the Mesa County Sheriff Office’s will continue to uphold the Colorado Constitution and will respect the changes enacted after a vote of the people.