Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Housing Inmates With Additional Needs

Steven Spiess, Booked Into Mesa County Jail

Released by Sheriff Matt Lewis and Captain Art Smith...

Mesa County, Colo. -- The Fruita Police Department released the arrest warrant for Steven Spiess, 47, of Fruita, after he was officially arrested by the Fruita Police Department this morning. Following his arrest on charges related to the death of Danya Spiess, he was immediately booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Due to his current medical needs, outlined in his arrest affidavit, his housing and care will be handled appropriately, but outside of normal procedures. For safety and security reasons, the specifics of his housing will not be released. As for his medical care while in our custody, due to HIPPA, we will not provide specific medical information other than to acknowledge his medical needs are extensive in comparison to an able bodied and fully functioning adult. 

Our detention facility has 24-hour on-site medical staff prepared to care for his daily needs and requirements. As with any inmate, in the event his medical needs exceed our staff's abilities, we will seek appropriate medical care outside of our facility.

For information about Steven's charges or the case investigated by the Fruita Police Department, please contact them directly or the District Attorney.