Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ARRESTED: ASU Walk Away, Escape Warrant Issued

Tommi Justine Toler, 26, of GJ

DUI Sentenced Inmate Walks Away From Alternative Sentencing Unit

UPDATE Posted October 2, 2014 -- Patrol deputies arrested Tommi Justine Toler in Mesa County on the night of October 1. She was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on a warrant for escape.

Originally Posted September 24, 2014
Mesa County, Colo. -- Tommi Justine Toler, 26, of Grand Junction was sentenced this past spring to one year in jail, with probation. The Alternative Sentencing Unit (ASU), is our local jail alternative providing work release. Tommi's convictions stem from driving under the influence of alcohol (misdemeanor) and vehicular assault while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (felony). For the felony charge, she was given a 4 year deferred sentence.

Tommi started her sentence with ASU on June 4, 2014, to serve one year. She was job searching and did not return to the facility at the scheduled time. On September 22, a misdemeanor escape warrant plus a probation violation warrant was issued for her arrest. If you know her whereabouts or see her in the community, contact 911 or non-emergency dispatch at 242-6707, to report her location.