Friday, August 29, 2014

Public's Help Needed In Identifying Remains Found In River

Update on Unidentified Body Found in River

UPDATED 08/29/2014--Mesa County, CO. --  The body that was discovered in the river on August 20, 2014 has been positively identified as, Rodney Lee Crumbaker, 57 of Clifton.  Positive identification was made with a joint effort from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, the Grand Junction Police Department, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  Investigators continue to work to determine the circumstances surrounding Mr. Crumbaker’s death.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all those who provided information regarding this incident.

Mesa County, CO. -- Mesa County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in identifying the body that was found yesterday (August 20, 2014) in the Colorado River, in Mesa County. The deceased male does not match the description of any known missing persons associated with cases in our area.

Please see the Coroner's press release for further details about this found body. Here is a description from the Coroner's release: The person is an unknown male as young as 45-years-old and as old as 75-years-old. He was likely a smoker, average to muscular build, had no teeth, 5’ 10” tall and approximately 150 pounds, and appears to be Caucasian or Hispanic. It appears that he could have been in the water approximately 2 to 6 months.

Anyone with information that can help in establishing this persons identity is being asked to contact Investigator Pete Burg directly, at (970) 244-3263.