Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Citizen Warning: Mailbox Break-Ins

Multiple Mailboxes Have Been Broken Into In Recent Weeks

Report Suspicious People & Damaged Mailboxes

Mesa County, Colo. — Law Enforcement has received multiple reports from the United States Postal Service about recent mailbox break-ins by unknown individuals in recent weeks. Areas in Grand Junction and other surrounding communities have been effected by these break-ins, postal workers told deputies. 

It is unknown if mail was present in the mailboxes at the time of forced entry, or if these acts are just an act of vandalism or theft. The suspects have been prying open the metal mailboxes and it appears they may using a drill, as well. The damage prevents the mailbox from being locked. 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has taken action to repair all of the effected mailboxes, at an average cost of $1,400 per mailbox, documents in deputies reports of criminal mischief. Deputies first became aware of this problem after postal carriers discovered the damage at various locations. Several reports of suspicious activity have been reported, and citizens are encouraged to remain diligent and aware for any unusual activity or individual(s) around the mailboxes, possibly at odd hours of the day/night. All individuals within these zip codes are advised to keep an eye on all bank accounts, credit cards and potential packages. If anything seems awry, contact the non-emergency dispatch phone line at: 970.242.6707, to file a report and then notify the appropriate Post Office of the damage, as well. 

Affected areas, reported by the USPS:

Duffy Dr. and Cross Canyon Ln.
Keener St. and Striker Dr.
30 ¾ Rd. and Baltic and Alegre Ct.s
Chatfield Dr. and D ½ Rd.
Lark Dr. and Thrush Dr.
Hawkwood Ct. and 30 ½ Rd. – Witness reported seeing two females in blue sedan

Witness reported seeing male person attempting to break into unit in 2400 block of Cimarron Dr.

Kennedy Ave. and Compton St.
550 Block of 28 ½ Rd.
1400 Block of Cedar Ct.

Michaelas Pl.

300 Block of Cliff View Dr.
2200 Block of Tuscany Dr.

Lands End Ave. and D ¾ Rd.
Michael St.

If a mailbox is broken into, the Post Office will hold mail until repairs can be made. Customers may bring a valid photo ID to retrieve mail held at the following location(s). Typically, the Post Office is fixing the damage within 1 to 2 days and then resumes delivery, USPS told us.
The following locations service these zip codes-- 
- 200 Rood Ave., services: 81501, 81502, 81503
- 602 Burkey St., services: 81504, 81505, 81506, 81507 
- 3252 F Rd., services: 81520

Customers should report any incidents first to law enforcement, then contact--
Nick Morgan, Manager Customer Services
Tel: 307.253.9769


Written By: Katie B.