Thursday, May 22, 2014

Phoenix Lifesaving Awards Given To Deputies

Four Deputies Receive Prestigious Award For Life Saving

L to R: Deputies Ben Marsh & Joseph Stratton
Mesa County, Colo. -- It isn't always handcuffs and warrants for deputies. As part of national Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week, May 18 - 24, 2014, the Mesa County Emergency Medical System and the Mesa County EMS Council, held an award ceremony yesterday recognizing local emergency responders for life saving efforts done in 2013. Among the 10 life saving incidents recognized during the ceremony,  4 deputies stood among their fire, EMT partners and dispatchers, as well as 'bystanders,' receiving the prestigious 'Phoenix Award.'

The Phoenix Award goes to emergency workers who have been involved in calls wherein the patient suffered cardiac arrest, was resuscitated, and not only survived, but was able to return home from the hospital without significant brain damage. Phoenix Awards are named after the mythological bird that consumed itself in fire and rose renewed from the ashes. This symbol has been adopted by Mesa County EMS to recognize those individuals who, through their skills and knowledge, have successfully revived an individual known to have been in cardiac arrest. Because of the vital public service that EMS workers provide, the Mesa County Commissioners have proclaimed May 18-24, as EMS Week in Mesa County. The proclamation was presented to the Mesa County EMS community on the morning of May 19, during public hearing.
Undersheriff Rebecca Spiess presents award &
congratulates Deputy Melissa Mock
“Most people who suffer cardiac arrest like this don’t make it,” Mike Hill, Mesa County’s Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, said. “Of those who do survive, few make it out of the hospital without severe neurological damage. However, thanks to the quick reactions of local emergency workers, ten patients beat the odds and have recovered.”

Incident highlights for deputies who received Phoenix Award:
  • On April 23, 2013, Deputy Joseph Stratton was recently graduated from the POST Academy and considered a trainee in our agency's patrol field training program. Deputy Stratton was working with and under the guidance of his assigned field training officer, Deputy Ben Marsh. They had started their patrol shift at 6 a.m., and as usual, Deputy March had Deputy Stratton responding to a variety of incoming calls to dispatch and maintaining a high and steady work load. At 20 minutes after 1 p.m., these two deputies were dispatched to a residence on 32 4/10 Road, in Clifton, for a medical assist. The details on this call included a 55-year-old, male who was in and out of consciousness and experiencing breathing difficulties. Dispatch notes indicate two woman are doing CPR on the man when Deputies Marsh and Stratton arrive and take over the CPR efforts. Clifton Fire Department EMTs arrived on scene, providing additional medical care to the patient. Clifton Fire Department transported the man to a local hospital where he eventually made a full recovery. Along with Deputies Marsh and Stratton, 4 Clifton Fire Department personnel and one dispatcher from the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center were all honored for their efforts and received the Phoenix Award for Life Saving measures.
  • Another deputy in the patrol field training program, on May 13, 2013, was Melissa Mock. Deputy Mock was working with and under the guidance of Deputy Seth Parker when a medical call for assistance was dispatched to them at 7:45 p.m., in the 3200 block of Hall Court, in Clifton. A 50-year-old, male was reported to not be breathing and the dispatcher attempted to give CPR instructions over the phone. Deputies Mock and Parker arrived on the scene and immediately took over the CPR efforts, with the patient reportedly experiencing a faint pulse and slight breathing after several minutes of CPR efforts. Again, Clifton Fire Department responded to this medical call, provided medical assistance and transported the patient to an area hospital, where he eventually made a full recovery. Along with Deputies Mock and Parker, 4 Clifton Fire Department personnel were all honored for their efforts and received the Phoenix Award for Life Saving measures. *Special Note: Deputy Seth Parker was not able to attend this ceremony, but will receive his Phoenix Award at an alternate event.
Deputy Ben Marsh shakes hands with a Clifton Fireman
while Lonnie Bierbrauer, a dispatcher and Deputy
Joseph Stratton look on.
Along with our deputies, we congratulate St. Mary's Careflight, Grand Junction Fire Department, Clifton Fire Department, Plateau Valley Fire Department, Grand Junction Regional Communication Center and the citizens who join our deputies in saving lives! 

Additional gratitude to PIC Kate Porras, of the Grand Junction Police Department, for providing us these amazing photographs.