Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two Arrested For Smash & Grab At Local Trail Head

Photo Posted On Facebook, Helps To Name Suspects

John DeFalco, 25, of Fruita
Mesa County, Colo. -- On April 12, 2014, a deputy took a report from two victims about a theft from automobile incident that had taken place at the Pollock's Trail parking area, located south of Fruita. The two victims--friends, had went hiking in the area for about two hours, returning to the vehicle to find a window broken and personal property of both victim's missing. The combined worth of the stolen property was estimated at over $1,600.00, along with the estimated cost of damage to the vehicle being about $1,000.00.
Seth Burkholder, 31, of Fruita
The case moved forward a few days and deputies were contacted by local bank's fraud investigators after debit/credit cards were attempted to be used in multiple locations, associated with the victim's in the theft from auto case reported on April 12. The bank fraud investigators and local merchants, where the stolen debit/credit cards were attempted to be used, were able to provide images of an adult male attempting to use the cards. A surveillance image of that adult male was place on our agency's Facebook page for citizens of Mesa County to assist with identifying the suspect.

Fruita Police Department officers were dispatched to the residence of Seth J. Burkholder, 31, and John Defalco, 25, both of Fruita, for a reported disturbance on April 24, 2014. The Fruita officers connected John to an active warrant and were able to arrest both Seth and John without incident.

Suspected John DeFalco
Seth and John were booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility today on charges related to fraud/identity theft, first degree trespass, theft and criminal mischief. John was also booked into the jail on the outstanding warrant.

Suspect John DeFalco 
Thank you for the assistance of our law enforcement partners with this case and arrest, from Fruita Police Department, and thank you to our active and helpful citizens in Mesa County! The arrest of these two suspects is a great example of citizen engagement and community policing working to keep our County safer. 

The investigation into the personal items of two local German tourists being stolen from their rental vehicle while hiking in the same area, remains open.

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