Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Community Reminder: Vet Contractors Before Hiring

Investigators Have Several Reports Of Incomplete Work

Mesa County, Colo. -- Since early in 2013, patrol deputies and now investigators have compiled at least a half a dozen cases involving local citizens reporting incomplete work done by a contractor. Financially, this is painful for local residents because they have pre-paid for large projects that continue to go incomplete. 

Due to the nature of and status of these cases likely being tied together, and the active status of these cases being worked by investigators, little details about the actual business and/or business owner can't be released at this time. However, a strong warning to citizens to follow through on a few steps when considering a large project around your home or business, to minimize your likelihood of becoming a victim. A victim with a loss ranging in the thousands of dollars, often times.

Like any industry, business or person, the vast majority are legitimate and operate well. Consumers should always ask for references when considering a contractor's work. And, follow-up by contacting all references. Check business status with a local area Chamber of Commerce and through the Better Business Bureau. Consider using on-line resources like, Angie's List, Yelp and other citizen/consumer feedback sites. Ask people you trust for a reference regarding contract businesses they have personally used and had a great experience or excellent customer service.
In addition, when giving someone unlimited access to your home or business (for the purpose of doing work), consider a criminal history background check. Those can be done through your local law enforcement agency, under Colorado Open Records Act, and usually for a small fee of about $5.00. Also, for a statewide criminal history check, you can do that online through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, for a fee of $6.95. Bottom line, when considering a project needing a contractor, with a bill in the thousands of dollar range, take the time to vet the business before making a deal.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of a similar experience in 2013 or this year, can call non-emergency dispatch at (970) 242-6707, to be contacted by the appropriate law enforcement agency to make an official report of possible theft.