Monday, November 11, 2013

Hoax Call To Dispatch Not Funny

Teen Charged In Fake Call To 911

Updated information at 4:42 p.m.-- The juvenile suspect, 16, who was arrested today, was not screened into Youth Detentions (based on their standards). He will be petitioned into court to face charges of false reporting and obstructing a peace officer. The second juvenile suspect, who is 15, was contacted late this afternoon by deputies and will also be petitioned into court to face the same charges.

(Previously Released at 2:24 p.m.)
Mesa County, Colo. -- The original call came into the local Communication Center about 12:30 p.m. today, with a male voice asking for help and then disconnecting. Originally, Grand Junction Police officers were dispatched in an effort to find the location of the cell phone and caller. 

After many attempts at calling the cell phone back, eventually dispatchers spoke with a different male voice who said he was a student at a local high school and other students had taken his phone for a few minutes. The incident transitioned to a Sheriff's Office response, which included a School Resource Officer who ultimately located one of two juvenile male suspects at Long's Park south.

The one juvenile male at the park was detained and then arrested, now being screened by a Department of Youth Corrections employee to determine if he will be booked into that facility. This suspect is currently on probation for previous offenses. He was arrested today on obstruction and false reporting charges, in connection to this incident.

Deputies have identified the second suspect and will continue to try and locate him. The original phone owner is not currently being charged in this hoax incident.

Due to Colorado Open Records Act, juvenile names are not to be released unless their charges are a class 4 felony or greater. The current charges do not meet that requirement, therefor the juveniles will not be identified by our agency.

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