Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DTF Interstate 70 Bust Nets Meth

Thomas Phoenix, 59

Two From Tennessee Arrested For Meth

Mesa County, Colo. -- Nearly a half a pound of methamphetamine was located in a vehicle driven by 59-year-old Thomas Phoenix near mile marker 6 on the eastbound side of Interstate 70, yesterday. The vehicle's passenger was Jessie Moody, 28, both occupants are from Tennessee.
Jessie Moody, 28

Non-evidence photo of meth
The street value of nearly a half a pound of meth is approximately $13,000.00. Currently, both are being held in the Mesa County Detention Facility on two felony charges each, with no bond. For updated bond information, visit our Inmate Inquiry System.

Affidavits for Moody and Phoenix are public record and can be obtained through the Open Records process for the public or through the Public Information Officer for the media.
Non-evidence photo of meth

 The two additional photos are of the meth located in the vehicle occupied by Phoenix and Moody.