Friday, March 27, 2020

Rumor Control: NO documents need for Essential Travel in Mesa County

Local law enforcement wants to be very clear; NO documents are needed to go to work or do essential travel under Stay at Home order in Mesa County.

We have received questions from the community asking if critical employees traveling to and from work need an official document to prove they do in fact work for a critical service.

1. No, you do not need a document of any kind. Neither law enforcement nor Mesa County Public are issuing such documents.

2. If you are a critical employer, thank you for working during this time. You do not need to issue a document to your employees.
3. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Grand Junction Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, Fruita Police Department and Palisade Police Department are NOT stopping people driving out in the community specifically in regards to the Stay at Home order.

4. Law enforcement is operating under the presumption people who are out in the community are doing activities that are necessary and permissible under the Governor's Stay at Home order.

This also applies to people who are doing essential travel such as but not limited to going to the grocery store, picking up children from childcare, taking care of a loved one, getting medical care, etc.

For the full list of what is considered a critical business and essential travel under the Governor's Stay at Home order, click here.