Wednesday, February 12, 2020

🚨 SCAM Alert 🚨 This is a NEW one!

MESA COUNTY, Colo -  Mesa County Sheriff's Office has been alerted to a new type of scam. Scammers are posing as local organizations and churches to try to trick people in to buying gift cards for someone in need. But as soon as they send a picture of the gift card to the scammer, the money is stolen.

Why is this Alarming:
  • The scammers are using real people's names who belong to the organization or church they are pretending to be.
  • Scammers are contacting their intended victims by text message or email. Some are even spoofing the phone number of the organization they are trying to pose as.

Don't Fall for it!!!  The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to alert the public to this new type of scam. The best defense against any type of scam is being able to recognize it.

Here is what to do:
  • If you get a message asking you to buy a gift card for an organization to help someone in need, STOP Call the person who contacted you directly. Verify it's really them asking you to donate.
  •  NEVER give gift card numbers and pin information over the phone or via email. ALWAYS donate in person!!! Scammers will take that information and immediately steal the money and it is not traceable.

Examples of the scam

Text messages: