Friday, December 6, 2019

Grand Junction man arrested on active warrant

Jarrod Bidlack, 22
MCSO Photo 3-27-19
MESA COUNTY, Colo - This afternoon Jarrod Bidlack, 22, of Grand Junction, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

During an unrelated traffic stop this morning, deputies learned Bidlack, who had an active warrant, was at a residence on the 500 block of Garfield Ave.

As a precaution, Bookcliff Middle School was put on shelter in place. It has since been lifted.

When deputies knocked on the door of the residence, a person and a dog came outside. While that person was being detained, the dog became aggressive and charged at deputies. Deputies, not wanting to injure the dog, or let the dog injure anyone else, deployed a tazer. The dog stopped its aggressive behavior and ran off.

Deputies continued to ask Bidlack to come out of the house. Ultimately he complied, and was arrested without further incident.

Bidlack was booked in to the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Animal Services was called to help locate the dog. The dog returned home on its own and was taken to the vet. Deputies later went to the vet to check on the dog. The dog is treated for minor abrasions on his paws from running and is now back at home with his owners.