Monday, October 28, 2019

MCSO Volunteers honored and recognized for work in the community

MESA COUNTY, Colo - The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office partners with several volunteer groups that are vital to providing services to Mesa County. Over 300 dedicated volunteers give their time selflessly to help our agency and our community.

Recently, they were recognized and thanked for their efforts during a volunteer appreciation lunch. This year, five individuals were awarded Volunteer of the Year for their contributions to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, respective volunteer organization and the community.

Ovella Fick Victim Advocate Program
 Volunteer of the Year
Ovella Fick, a volunteer for the Victim Advocate Program since 2015, was recognized for her dedication and compassion with helping victims of crime and trauma. So far this year, Victim Advocates responded to over 200 callouts, serving over 400 individual victims. Advocates respond 24/7 to assist victims and families of not only crimes, but also assist victims and families on search and rescue missions as well as fires.

Ken Dorman
Support Services Volunteer of the Year
Ken Dorman has been a volunteer of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office for 17 years. Ken was recognized as Support Services Volunteer of the Year for his outstanding dedication and professionalism. He is a mentor, a leader, and an excellent example for his fellow volunteers in the Civil Unit. Over 700 hours donated yearly by volunteers like Ken accounts for at least 15% of civil processes served from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office!

Mike Verbit and Sarah Eller
 SARC Volunteer of the Year
Volunteer of the Year for Mesa County Search and Rescue was awarded to a couple involved in several teams and subcommittees with the volunteer organization. Mike Verbit and Sarah Eller are both volunteers for Mesa County Search and Rescue’s Ground Team. Sarah is also the team leader for the Swift Water Rescue Team and Mike is also a member of the Technical Rescue Team. The pair have repeatedly donated their personal time to enhance the capabilities of the search and rescue in Mesa County. So far this, Mesa County Search and Rescue volunteers were called out 82 times for missions which included rescuing lost or injured hikers and hunters, evidence recovery, and river rescues.

Danny Daniels accepting 
Detentions Volunteer of the Year Award
Danny Daniels, a religious volunteer for the Mesa County Detention Facility since 2008, was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award. Daniels ministers and visits with the inmates; always with a smile on his face and kind words for each person he encounters. Affectionately known as, the “Book Guy.” Danny visits each housing unit in the facility monthly and exchanges the books available to the inmates for leisure reading. For many inmates these books fill their hours with something on which to focus and they look forward to Danny’s arrival and delivery of new reading material.

The volunteers that work in the Detentions Facility include representatives from Mind Springs, the Jail Ministry, numerous other religious volunteers, and various other educational groups. So far this year volunteers for all of these groups totaled 1,142 hours.

Jan Moss Volunteer of the Year
Citizens on Patrol program
Jan Moss, a volunteer since 2005, was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for the Citizens on Patrol (COP) program. Jan is a Field Training Officer for the COP Program and assists with the administrative work associated with unattended deaths, as well as, abandoned and red-tagged vehicles. Jan’s primary task is providing support with towed vehicles. She contacts more than 25 tow companies each week to check for towed vehicles and determines if the last known registered owner needs to be contacted.

In 2019, Citizen on Patrol volunteers volunteered over 3350 hours. Volunteer tasks include performing school checks, VIN Inspections, Red Tags of vehicles, serve Civil Papers, vacation home checks, providing scene security and assisting in special events. Their work helps allow patrol deputies to focus and respond to more 911 calls.

Gene Admire "Victor 1"
Citizen on Patrol volunteer (retired)
And finally, long-time volunteer Gene Admire was thanked for his dedication to our community. Gene recently retired from the Citizens On Patrol (COP) program with 26 years of service. He was one of the original volunteers when the program first began. Gene was known on the radio as “Victor 1” and carried his radio number with distinction. In Gene’s honor the radio number “Victor 1” is now retired.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is incredibly fortunate to have such hard working and dedicated volunteers. The hundreds of hours donated in service to our community truly make a difference. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office could not possibly provide the high level of service to our community we do without the amazing work our volunteers perform each and every day.

Thank you.

If you would like to become a volunteer for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, you can learn how on our website.