Monday, November 5, 2018

Law Enforcement Records Personnel Week

Join us in recognizing the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office records personnel for their crucial role in the criminal justice system.

Governor John Hickenlooper declared November 5, 2018 through November 9, 2018 the first ever Law Enforcement Records Personnel Week to honor the vital service this dedicated group of individuals provide.

Records personnel assist law enforcement by helping with identifying suspects, relaying vital information from other criminal justice agencies, as well as processing and maintaining the agency’s criminal justice records.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office records personnel also provides the public with a number of vital services. If you ever need a background check for a new job, or a concealed hand gun permit, this is the group of professionals who are happy to assist you. Services also include criminal fingerprinting, releasing arrest records and case reports, civil actions, maintaining the sex offender registry, and processing bonds and warrants for individuals.

You can learn more about what services are offered in our Records Lobby on our website.

If you get the chance, please stop by this week and thank our records personnel for their continued hard work and service to our community.