Monday, October 22, 2018

MCSO investigates escape attempt from Mesa County Detention Facility

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – Saturday evening, October 20, 2018, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office received information about a possible escape attempt at the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Deputies investigated and discovered one four-person cell had been damaged in an apparent attempt to escape. Inside the cell, deputies found a bunk leg had been broken off and used to chip away at the concrete floor and the ground underneath.

All four inmates who occupied the cell were immediately secured and are now being housed in another part of the facility.

The compromised area has been sealed off from the rest of the facility while this incident is being investigated. Repairs to the damaged cell are already scheduled. The Mesa County Detention Facility remains secure.

This is an ongoing and active investigation. Investigators are still interviewing witnesses and evaluating evidence. The appropriate charges are still being evaluated for those involved.