Friday, September 21, 2018

No Fire Restrictions, but fire danger still high

MESA COUNTY, Colo – In light of changing fire restrictions in surrounding counties, the Mesa County Sheriff, Bureau of Land Management Grand Junction Field Office, and Grand Junction Fire Department want to remind the public while there are no fire restrictions in place, fire danger remains high. Mesa County continues to experience extreme and exceptional drought conditions and fuels that support rapid fire growth remain very dry.

The public is asked to remain cautious with activities that could ignite a wildfire. A small spark has the potential to spread very quickly in current conditions. People should continue to use caution when burning or using fire outdoors, especially in heavily forested and grassy areas. Remember to discard cigarette butts safely and not throw them on the ground or outside of your car. If you choose to have a campfire, always have a way to quickly extinguish it and never leave an open flame unattended.

At this time, there are no fire restrictions in place for Mesa County, and land managed by the BLM Grand Junction Field Office.

“We continue to closely monitor fire and weather conditions across the area and want to ensure everyone understands that although we are not currently in fire restrictions, fire danger remains very high. As cooler fall temperatures begin, we will continue to work with other fire agencies to evaluate local conditions and the need to re-enter restrictions” said Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis.

While fuels are continuing to dry out, the shorter days and longer cooler nights are likely to bring some relief. The longer nights are also allowing relative humidity to better recover. This trend is expected to continue as the season changes.

If you are planning to travel outside of Mea County to enjoy the outdoors, it is your responsibility to know what the local fire restrictions are. Several areas on the Western Slope are under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. You can find the latest information about fire restrictions at or by viewing the interactive Fire Restrictions map.

A reminder, fireworks are never permitted on public land. Wood fires are never permitted anywhere on the Colorado National Monument.

The Mesa County Sheriff, BLM, and other agencies in Mesa County would like to thank the public for their cooperation in doing their part to prevent wildfires during a very long and active fire season.