Thursday, October 26, 2017

Plan safe Trick-or-Treating routes BEFORE Halloween

MESA COUNTY, Colo -- Before you hit the streets to trick-or-treat this Halloween, map out a safe route!

Plan out the most convenient and safe route now, so you and your family can just enjoy the delights and frights of Halloween safely.

Start with an area you are familiar with and create a route. Only go to homes you know, incorporate crosswalks when you need to cross the street and try to avoid major intersections if possible. Also stay in well lit areas on sidewalks and out of the streets.

This is a great time to talk to kids about the importance of looking both ways before you cross the street. Most of us will be trick-or-treating at dust or a night, when it is hard for drivers to spot kids especially ones in dark-colored costumes.

For drivers, be mindful of kids crossing streets and possibly darting out into roadways. Halloween is Tuesday, however trick-or-treating events may be happening in the valley throughout the weekend.

Also, make sure an older child or adult accompanies kids trick-or-treating, check the candy before your kids eat any of it and take a picture of your children in their costume before heading out. In case your kids lose you while out trick-or-treating, it is very helpful for law enforcement to know exactly what your child looks like in their costume. 

The free neighborhood social media network Nextdoor can also help. It's Treat Map tool gives you the inside scoop on who will be giving out candy Halloween night!

Nextdoor users participating in trick-or-treating this year can put a candy corn icon on their house under the neighborhood map section.

When you go to plan your route, you can see exactly who in your neighborhood is handing out candy! To access the Treat Map click on your neighborhood's map and zoom out from your home to see who in your community is participating. Don't forget to mark your own home if your are going to be giving our candy!