Friday, September 8, 2017

Mesa County Warns of Dangerous Fire Conditions

MESA COUNTY, Colo – Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis, Bureau of Land Management, and Grand Junction Fire Department are alerting the public to the high fire danger in Mesa County and the need for people to make informed decisions in regards to burning.

Hot and dry weather recently renewed concerns for fire danger in Mesa County. Usually this time of year it’s monsoon season. But, this year, those seasonal afternoon rain showers have been few and far between. As a result, local vegetation on the valley floor and in higher elevations are drying out.

It is hunting season, and fall colors will be starting soon. With more people headed into our forests and public lands to recreate, camp and hunt, the danger for wildfire increases. There is also high fire risk for target shooters. It is very critical people are aware of the high fire danger.

All of this is a recipe for dangerous wildfires. We are very concerned for the enormous potential for wildfires.

We recognize campfires are an important part of the camping and hunting experience. Right now there are no fire restrictions in place, but people still need understand the fire risk.

If you light a campfire it is YOUR responsibility to make sure it is out BEFORE you leave it unattended. A campfire is COMPLETELY out when the embers are cool to the touch. Even a small amount of heat can reignite and start a dangerous wildfire.

If you are planning on camping or hunting during these high fire danger conditions, please be fire aware at all times. A wildfire can start at any time, if you see smoke CALL 911 and LEAVE the area immediately. Hunters should check for active fires BEFORE leaving. Access to hunting areas may be cut off due to fire activity. Visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website for more information on Hunting safety.

This warning is being issued in the hopes of avoiding any loss of life or property due to a failure to heed fire warnings during this time of high fire danger.