Monday, June 20, 2016

Overall Statistics for Country Jam 2016

MESA COUNTY, Colo - The following statistics are from all four days of  Country Jam 2016.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of Colorado State Liquor Enforcement Officers were out patrolling during the four-day festival and made 182 arrests: 181 summons were issued and 1 in custody for alcohol violations.

A full breakdown of the underage liquor infractions are listed below.

Country Jam Stats                                    2016               2015            2014
Total                                                           182                 238             229                                
Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses          155                 228               213
Procuring Alcohol to a Minor                         14                    8                 10
Fake ID                                                      10                   11                 12
Assault on a peace officer                             1                     0                   0
Felony Assault                                              0                     0                   1
Disorderly conduct                                        1                    1                     0
Trespass                                                      0                    0                    3
Obstruction                                                   1                     0                   2
Violation of protection order (alcohol)               0                     0                    2
Violation of bail bond condition                       0                     0                   1
Attempt to purchase Alcohol                           2                    1                     0
Providing false info to law enforcement          1                       1                    0
Bringing alcohol onto premises                        0                     1                    0

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies also made several arrests during the four-day festival. One person was arrested for 2nd degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, vehicular assault while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and assault in the 2nd degree on a police officer.

Four people were arrested on outstanding warrants, one person for obstruction, one for trespass, and one for violation of a protection order and criminal impersonation.

Thursday through Sunday evening Colorado State Patrol made 6 DUI arrests related to Country Jam which is well down from years past.

Three of the DUI arrests were the result of a proactive traffic stop and three were the result of a crash.

No injuries were reported.

All 241 drivers who went through Saturday's night DUI checkpoint were sober resulting in no voluntary roadside maneuvers or arrests.

Lost and found: Many items lost during County Jam have made their way to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. We are sorting through in hope of reuniting them with their owners.

If you have lost something during the festival you may contact the Sheriff's Office NEXT WEEK. We will then be able to try and help locate your missing item (if we have it.)

We will be keeping stuff for 3 months.