Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Citizens On Patrol Celebrate 22 Years of Service

Volunteer Group Celebrates 22 Years

Mesa County, Colo. -- Citizens on Patrol or COP for short, is a volunteer group consisting primarily of retired folks. While being retired isn't a qualification to be a COP volunteer, the retired schedule seems to allow them the time and flexibility to assist deputies with serving citizens around the clock through this volunteer capacity.

This is the original COP volunteer group with
former Sheriff Riecke Claussen.

The program developed under the leadership of former Mesa County Sheriff, Riecke Claussen, in the early 1990's. Volunteers serve a number of needs throughout the agency, with the COPs focused on primarily assisting patrol deputies, investigators and the civil unit. These volunteers pass a background check, always work in pairs and are an extension to our commitment to policing.

Today, COP volunteers conduct home checks when residents are out of town, they complete vehicle registrations, tag and mark abandoned vehicles across the County, manage agency runaway cases, man crime scene boundaries, provided extra presence in school zones and high speed areas, and much more.

If you think all the COP volunteers are former law enforcement, you wouldn't be correct. Current COP members have employment backgrounds that range from Pharmacist to educator. What they do all have in common is a passion for law enforcement and assisting our community. If you are interested in becoming a COP volunteer with our agency, contact Lt. Lauri Galvan at 244-3201.

2015 COP volunteers with Sheriff Matt Lewis.

The COPs monthly meeting will host former Sheriff Claussen, on the evening of November 5, along with a small celebration to honor the groups 22 years of service to the agency and Mesa County. The media is invited and encouraged to attend, for details connect with the agency PIO.