Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Meth Arrest Wrap-Up

Damon Gant, 24, of Clifton
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015

Meth Arrests, Also Include Stolen Vehicle, Child Abuse & More

Mesa County, Colo. -- An astute citizen reported a man removing seats and other parts from a vehicle in the desert north of 3002 I-70 Business Loop, just before noon, on Saturday. Deputies contacted Damon Gant, 24, of Clifton, with a partially burned vehicle, which was found to have been reported stolen 10 days prior.

Ultimately, Damon was arrested on one count each of first degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, criminal mischief, tampering with evidence, second degree arson, possession of drug paraphernalia and littering on public lands. His bond has not yet been set.
Ambyr McInerney, 40, of Clifton
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015

As school kids are arriving at Grand Mesa Middle School, deputies are watching for speeders and other unsafe drivers in the immediate area. While doing so, at around 7 a.m. on Thursday, a vehicle was stopped by deputies. It was a two seated car with three adults in the front compartment and a baby in the back compartment, surrounded by multiple heavy items and unrestrained.

Raymond Woodward, 41
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015
Ambyr McInerney, 40 and Rodney Hundley, 48, both of Clifton, along with Raymond Woodward, 41, were arrested and charged with distribution of methamphetamine, child abuse and second degree criminal trespass. Raymond was charged with additional counts related to a failure to appear in court warrant and a contempt of court warrant. Ambyr was charged additionally with driving a defective vehicle and a seatbelt violation. Mesa County Department of Human Services was called by deputies to assist with the child.

Rodney Hundley, 48, of Clifton
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015
Ambyr and Rodney have since been released from the Mesa County Detention Facility on a $5,000 PR bond, each. Raymond remains in jail on a $15,000 cash or surety bond, as well as a $2,000 cash only bond.

Patrol deputies contacted multiple adults in the 1000 block of Ouray Avenue, Grand Junction, on Saturday afternoon. They were found to possess drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine and prescription drugs, not prescribed to them.

Jerry Sherrill, 25, of Cedaredge
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015
Zearah Leyba, 29, of Denver was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on charges related to possession of a schedule I/II drug, possession of a schedule III/IV/V drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence. She has since been released from jail on a $1,000 PR bond.

Zearah Leyba, 29, of Denver
MCSO Photo/ Aug 2015
Arrested along with Zearah, was Jerry Sherrill, 25, of Cedaredge, who was charged with driving a vehicle with a denied driver's license, possession of a schedule I/II drug and drug paraphernalia. Jerry was driving the vehicle, which had two passengers in it when deputies first noticed it. The occupants all exited the vehicle prior to deputies contacting them on the sidewalk along Ouray Avenue.

James Golden, 30
MCSO Photo/Aug 2015
James Golden, 30, the third person with Jerry and Zearah, was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule I/II drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bond has not yet been set for James or Jerry. For updated bond information on any inmate currently in our detention facility, visit our Inmate Inquiry System webpage.