Friday, April 10, 2015

Follow-Up On Battle Of The Heroes Blood Drive

Team Fire Took The Win, But Team Police Put Up A Fight

Mesa County, Colo. -- The first Heroes Behind the Badges Blood Drive was in full swing this spring. It was friendly competition between local law enforcement and local fire departments, encouraging participation with citizens, to choose sides. In total, 380 blood donations were made to either #TeamPolice or #TeamFire. In the end, #TeamFire came out on top and won the competition. The Fire Team gathered 214 donations and law enforcement gathered 166.

The result of this blood drive, garnered more blood for the Regional Blood Center than they typically have on hand during a local spring break, Sherri Burns, Donor Recruiter, said during a news conference today on the St. Mary's Hospital campus.

Poster With Community Comments
The Fire Team decided to award their winning prize, a $250 check to a charity of choice, to Delaney Donates. Delaney was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma– a solid tissue tumor cancer that effects the sympathetic nervous system. According to her website, “Delaney has been through several years of treatment and still continues to fight her battle however her desire to help other families fighting cancer is very strong. She takes everyday and makes it her best. She believes that each person fighting needs to be recognized because it lets them know they do have someone cheering for them, especially when times are the hardest.”

In addition to donating blood, community members wrote kind messages of thanks and appreciation to all local law enforcement agencies and fire departments. St. Mary’s created posters with the comments left by citizens who donated blood during this campaign, on behalf of either #TeamPolice or #TeamFire. GJPD Chief, John Camper, accepted a certificate of appreciation for participating in the blood drive on behalf of all local law enforcement.