Friday, May 27, 2016

Second Clifton shooting suspect in custody

Andrew Watson, 29
MCSO Photo 1-30-15
CLIFTON, Colo – Mesa County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested for Andrew Watson, 29, of Grand Junction in connection with Wednesday’s early morning shooting at 3202 E Road.

A No Bond arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Watson, 29, of Grand Junction for Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder in the 1st degree (a class 2 Felony) and Assault in the 1st degree (a class 3 Felony).

A reverse 911 notification went out to residents in surrounding Watson’s known location at an apartment on the 3200 block of D ¼ Road.

Neighboring residents were evacuated out of abundance of caution.

With the cooperation of Mesa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, Grand Junction Police SWAT Team, the Drug Task Force Unit, Both PD and SO Street Crimes Units, and the Grand Junction Police Department, Watson was taken into custody.

Surveillance video and witnesses helped investigators identify the two suspects believed to be involved in Wednesday’s incident.

Tre Richardson, 22, was taken into custody without incident after a warrant was issued for his arrest Wednesday evening.

Richardson was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on charges of Accessory to Criminal Attempt to commit Murder in the 1st degree (a class 4 Felony ) and Accessory to Assault in the 1st degree (a class 5 Felony) . Richardson is being held on a No Bond Hold.

Richardson was identified as the person in surveillance photos previously released.

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Landslide stabilizing, response remains at level two

UPDATE: 2:00 p.m.

PLATEAU VALLEY, Colo- The initial surge of water from the West Salt Creek Landslide water release has passed.

The level of the pond at the top of the Landslide is stabilizing as water continues to flow down the land mass at a slower rate than initially observed this morning.

All GPS monitoring shows no movement of the landmass on the main slide area, which is exactly what we want to see.

Salt Creek Road otherwise known as 61 ½ Road will remain closed due to localized flooding.

Water levels on Plateau Creek through the town of Collbran remain below flood stage. The water remained within its banks throughout this incident.

A Flood Watch is in place until further notice.

Mesa County will remain at Response Level Two and will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.

This shows the level of water in the pond.

May 27, 2016
West Salt Creek Landslide
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May 26, 2016
West Salt Creek Landslide

West Salt Creek Landslide monitoring moves to elevated alert level

West Salt Creek Landslide
PLATEAU VALLEY, Colo – Due to increased activity with spring runoff in the area of the West Salt Creek Landslide, the Mesa County has initiated Response Level Two of the Emergency Preparedness Action Plan.

At 4:45 a.m. the pond at the West Salt Creek Landslide released water.

At 5:45 a.m. a new drainage channel was cut in the mass of the Landslide.

As a result Mesa County has initiated Response Level Two which advises residents in the residents in the area to be prepared to leave.

Mesa County Sheriff Deputies are contacting people who live nearby in addition to reverse 911 notifications.

West Salt Creek LandslideFriday
Road and Bridge equipment is being staged in Collbran as well as thousands of sand bags in the event flooding becomes an issue.

The initial water surge made it through the town of Collbran without overflowing the banks of Plateau Creek.

We do have reports of erosion on Salt Creek Road, a local county road.

As of 7:30 a.m. GPS monitoring has showed no land movement.

Right now the landslide is doing what we want and expect it to do. However if Mother Nature decides to take more land down, we want residents to be ready to evacuate.

That is why we are urging people to STAY OUT of the area that includes Media.

For the media we will provide video of the landslide (call Sheriff PIO)

We have a team currently flying over the area and will continue to monitor the conditions until all potential hazards are meditated.


Personal Preparedness:

Make an emergency kit, develop a family emergency plan, and be prepared for any emergency that may strike your community. Visit at for personal preparedness information

Register your cell phone to receive community and emergency alerts from the 911 communications center. Register your device at

At this response level, residents should expect:

Prepositioning of emergency response equipment

Notification via reverse 911 directing you to

Flash Flood Watch issued by the National Weather Service

News Coverage of emergency conditions

Resources (i.e. sandbags) available to community

Evacuation Routes: Please familiarize yourself with the following evacuation routes and rally points. It is important that you identify and prioritize these routes based on where you live and work.

1. Salt Creek Area: East on Hwy 330 to Clover Ln

a. Assemble at cemetery for evacuation assistance if necessary

b. May self-evacuate on Hwy 330 E to Silt, CO.

2. 57 ½ Rd south then west through Molina to Mesa Community Center

a. Evacuation assistance will be organized at Mesa Community Center

3. Kimball Creek Rd north to 58 7/10 Rd east

a. Park along right shoulder leaving one lane clear for traffic

b. Wait for water to recede or standby for evacuation direction if required

Please contact the Mesa County Office of Public Work at 970-244- 1765 if you have specific questions not addressed in this post.


This is video of a section of Salt Creek Road taken at 6:45 a.m. The water level has significantly dropped in the last few hours.