Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sexually Violent Predator Community Notification

Sexually Violent Predator Changes Address within County

MESA COUNTY, Colo - This public notice is intended to make our community aware that a registered sex offender, classified as a sexually violent predator, is moving within the county. Further details about this offender and his new location, Click here and choose the Mark Allen Pagel Community Bulletin from our County web page about sexually violent predators in Mesa County.

A 'sexually violent predator' is a term branded by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, who classifies a convicted sex offender with this additional descriptor. Mark Allen Pagel, 39, of Mesa County, has served his convicted sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections prison facilities as ordered by a Judge. Pagel registered with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and listed his new residence with our agency, per compliance with registration laws. Pagel remains current with all his registration requirements.

All community notification bulletins for all current SVPs registered with our agency are on our agency website, to view them, click here. In addition, we highly recommend you watch a 12 minute video that talks about SVPs and all registered sex offenders, resources and other useful information specific to Mesa County. For current information on all registered sex offenders in Mesa County, visit our countywide joint website, and be sure to choose the link to enroll up to five physical addresses and be notified if a registered sex offender or new registered sex offender moves into a designated area around the addresses you input. This is an extremely useful tool.

If you have information regarding current criminal activity of this or any other offender, please call 911 for an emergency. If you observe this offender engaging in any high risk or inappropriate behavior, please contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, patrol units, by calling 911 or (970) 242-6707. If you have questions or need education handouts, please contact Mesa County Sex Offender Registrar Jennifer Jenkel at (970) 244-3206, or her direct supervisor Sgt. Henry Stoffel (970) 244-3973.

Most sex crimes are never reported and most offenders are never detected. The greatest risk of sex offense is from people you know. The information provided herein (on the embedded community bulletin) is current and accurate as of the date, but is subject to change.

The purpose of this notification is to enhance public safety and protection. Vigilantism, or use of this information to harass, threaten or intimidate anyone associated with this notification will not be tolerated.

This law enforcement agency has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender may live (however, we make it public information so citizens can be aware and educate themselves). Unless court restrictions exist, they are constitutionally free to live wherever they choose. Sex offenders have always lived in our community, but they were not required to notify law enforcement of their residence until registration laws were implemented pursuant to the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act. Law enforcement may now share that information with members of the community, and in the case of sexually violent predators, law enforcement must actively notify citizens. This blog posting is only one of the means we are getting this information out to citizens of Mesa County.

Monday, January 16, 2017

UPDATE: Homicide suspect arrested in Aurora

Matthew Mitchell, age 37, Littleton, CO
2014 Photo Courtesy of Colorado
Department of Corrections

UPDATE:  Homicide suspect arrested

UPDATE: January 16, 2017

AURORA, Colo - Homicide suspect Matthew Mitchell, 37, was taken into custody overnight by the Aurora Police Department.

Mitchell was arrested on warrant for Murder in the First Degree out of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. He was also arrested on a traffic warrant out of Jefferson County, and drug related charges with the Aurora Police Department.

Mitchell is currently being held at the Arapahoe County Jail.

The investigation into the October 16, 2016 homicide of Paul Davis is still on-going.



MESA COUNTY, Colo. - Over the weekend Investigators with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office completed an arrest warrant for Matthew Mitchell. Mitchell's is wanted for Murder in the First Degree, Murder in the Second Degree, Aggravated Robbery, First Degree Burglary, Theft $5,000.00 to $20,000.00, and Possession of a Firearm by a Previous Offender.

Currently Mitchell's whereabouts are unknown but we believe he is still in the 2005 dark blue Cadillac with temporary Colorado tags.

He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him or the car please notify law enforcement immediately.

January 6, 2017

MESA COUNTY, Colo. – Over the past couple of days, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, working with agencies in the Denver metro area, executed search warrants and court orders to collect non- testimonial evidence (DNA, Fingerprints).  These warrants were executed in connection with the October 16, 2016 homicide of Paul Davis.  Currently all the warrants and court orders are sealed.

Law enforcement is still looking for Matthew Mitchell, age 37, of Littleton, as a person of interest in this case.  Mitchell was last seen in Golden, Colorado, on January 4, 2017, driving a 2005 dark blue Cadillac with a temporary Colorado tag.    

We do not believe Mitchell is in the Grand Junction area, but if you see the vehicle please notify law enforcement immediately. 

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy to honor father's legacy on MLK Day

Deputy Janielle Westermire
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo - Mesa County Sheriff Detention Deputy Janielle Westermire is the fifth generation of her family to call the Grand Valley home.

“I love this community, I am part of it and to be able to give back is what it’s all about,” said Westermire.

Westermire will be apart of Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. events in honor of her father, former Grand Junction City Councilman Harry Butler. A man she thanks for instilling in her the value of service.

"He was just involved in so many things. Part of his legacy is to honor those that give to others and that is another thing Martin Luther King, Jr. was about is giving. So, it’s a perfect day to honor him,” said Westermire.

During the festivities, Westermire will read Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous 'I Have a Dream' speech. Westermire believes his powerful words carry a message that still resonates today.

"The speech talks about our destiny. Whether it's white, black or whatever, we’re all in it together. I think people tend to forget that," said Westermire. “It doesn’t matter what background you come from, whether you are rich, poor or what have you, we all are accountable for what we do.”
Harry Butler

Her father, the late Harry Butler, was a pastor at Grand Junction's historical Handy Chapel. It's where he began his legacy of service and where Monday's MLK Day events will take place.

Bulter was also a two-term Council member, School Board member, and a decades-long volunteer at the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Westermire recalled a time her father volunteered at the jail. “He had church service for the women. They would sing real loud, and he would buy these beautiful leather bound Bibles and give it to them," said Westermire.

She still gets surprised to hear how many lives her father touched through his kind and giving heart.

Westermire working at
the Mesa County Detention Facility
"I had a young lady that was an ex-inmate come up to me and tell me I still have your dad’s Bible. It was neat," said Westermire. 

Now Westermire is proudly continuing his legacy of service spending her days helping inmates better their lives. She's worked in the Mesa County Detention facility since 1992.

“Sometimes I feel closer to God working here, because, I guess, this is where it's needed the most,” said Westermire.

After Butler passed away in 2013, an award was created in his honor.  The Harry Butler's Service to Others award will be given to three recipients this year during the MLK celebration at Handy Chapel.

“That’s what he was about, service,” said Westermire. "He was a very humble man."

Westermire said she couldn't do it alone, David Combs, Juanita Trujillo, Bob Lang, Celeste Girtman, and Dan Robinson were instrumental in making Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. events a reality.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Events

This year's celebration is "Service To Others"
  • 12:30pm City Hall
  • A symbolic march from Grand Junction’s City Hall to the historic Handy Chapel 
  • Route - Commence at 5th and Rood - South on 5th to Main - West on Main to 1st - North on 1st to Grand - East on Grand to 5th - South on 5th to White - West on white to Handy Chapel located at 200 White Avenue.
Handy Chapel
Handy Chapel Program:
  • 1:00pm Immediately following the march will be a program at Handy Chapel with singing and speakers.
  • The Harry Butler's Service to Others award will be given to three recipients this year.
CMU Program in the CMU Ballroom:
  • 5:30pm - Social Hour
  • 6:00pm - Program Start 
  • This will consist of vendors, sponsors, speakers, musicians, singers and other festivities.

For more information about the event click here.