Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mesa County Community Is Amazing

Two Vacationers Lose More Than $4,000 In Personal Items

Mesa County, Colo. -- Patrol deputies took a report of a rental car window being smashed out while the car was parked yesterday at Rattlesnake Canyon Trail Head. The rental car was being used by two European vacationers who had everything for their camping and hiking trip in the car when they headed out earlier in the day for a majestic experience in Western Colorado.
What they found on their return was more than $4,000.00, in personal items stolen, leaving them with only the clothes on their back. Their camping tent and sleeping bags were left at their camp site in the Colorado National Monument and they had a few personal items, like money and passports with them in a small backpack they kept with them during their hike. But a change of clean clothes, a windbreaker jacket or some non-sweaty shoes and socks...forget it. All stolen by a thief who took advantage of the remote location of the trail head parking lot.

Andres Haller and his girlfriend Natacha Noirclere, both 53, of Stuttgart, Germany, spent the night in a hotel in Fruita. And with the assistance of a Sheriff's Office Victim Advocate, they spent most of today refilling prescriptions and getting a new rental car. That wasn't enough for patrol deputy Ben Marsh, who took their report last night and couldn't shake the unbelievable turn of events for this couple vacation through the most beautiful parts of our Country.

Deputy Marsh and Sandy, our agency victim advocate, were strong in their conviction that this very unique circumstance and unfortunate situation could be slightly remedied with some assistance in replacing clothing and and hygiene items that would allow them to finish their vacation. Insert social media and local media, who through a simple message about this situation on Facebook (posted at 10:30 p.m.) turned the word out to our community that these two travelers needed some Western Slope hospitality.
The Sheriff's Office has collected $730 in cash, multiple suitcases, hygiene items and some basic clothing. The Records staff at our agency's front counter graciously started collecting and answering citizen questions, pitching in with enthusiasm to help this couple, as well. The largest thank you goes out to our community and our local media, Town Square Media radio, MBC radio, KKCO/KJCT and KREX, along with the Daily Sentinel newspapers who all put the word out early this morning about this unfortunate experience. 

Donations will still be accepted until 2:30 p.m. today, at the Sheriff's Office main lobby, located at 215 Rice Street, Grand Junction. Any donated items that don't get used by our travelers will be donated to a local charity. We sincerely thank everyone who assisted us in showing Natacha and Andres what our community really stands for. The pharmacy in Walgreens, Fruita, spent a considerable about of time assisting this couple with replacing their stolen prescriptions and Operation Interdependence donated a large amount of hygiene items. Please thank these organizations next time you see them for their efforts.

Coroner Rules In-Custody Death Natural Causes

Inmate Dies In Jail Custody

Mesa County, Colo. -- Shortly after midnight, on April 16, 2014, an inmate in our Detention Facility was found to be unresponsive and not breathing by a deputy. That inmate, 24-year-old Tomas A. Beauford, had experienced some medical issues earlier that evening (on April 15) and had an extensive history of health issues. Detention and medical staff were aware of and monitoring closely his health during his time in our facility. Due to the earlier medical issues that Tomas had experienced, the deputy assigned to that jail pod took the initiative to check on Tomas every few minutes. It had been less than 15 minutes from the prior inmate check when the jail deputy became aware that Tomas was likely not breathing. 

The Mesa County Coroner has completed their autopsy and ruled it a natural death due to his seizure disorder. Investigators were called into the jail and conducted a death investigation, which included multiple interviews of deputies and medical staff, along with a full review of all video captured of deputies and inmate movements in the pod where Tomas was housed. The video reflected all investigative interview statements. Tomas was housed alone and through the course of the investigation, foul play is not suspected.

Tomas was a Colorado Department of Human Services Regional Center client. His most recent booking into the Mesa County Detention Facility was for multiple assault charges and unlawful sexual contact with multiple victims. That arrest was on February 29, 2014, by a deputy with our agency. Tomas had remained in our jail facility from that arrest date, pending the court proceedings.

The previous in-custody death in the Mesa County Detention Facility was in 2010.

Monday, April 14, 2014

SARC Mission Successful

Search & Rescue Helicopter Deployed For Two Adults On Monday

By: Katie B, MCSO Intern

Mesa County, Colo. -- Two adults from the Western Slope went camping in the Escalante Canyon on the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre on Sunday, April 13, 2014. The couple was pulling a camper behind their vehicle when bad weather caused them to get stuck. The individuals decided to leave the vehicle and walk. Late last night, the local dispatch center received a call that the two individuals were lost and were going to spend the night in a makeshift shelter. 

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office had a deputy in the area last night, who was sent out to attempt to find the individuals. Finding the subjects in the dark would prove to be a challenge, with the help of the CenturyLink volunteered helicopter they were located this morning with ease.  The individuals were escorted back to their vehicles by deputies, and out of the canyon and found to need no medical attention and had sustained no injuries. 

Thankfully the subjects were dressed in warm clothes, and still retained a cell signal which would lead to their rescue. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office and SARC would like to remind all persons who plan on going hiking, or camping to not rely on their cellphones, dress for the weather, and have an adequate supply of food and water. As a reminder, do not leave anything of value in vehicles while they are not attended, or leave them at home. 

In addition, SARC in Mesa County is entirely made up of volunteer members who are trained to deal with potential missions in the area. All rescue services are volunteered, and greatly appreciated in the help and rescue of individuals who need it. 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Theft, Robbery And Meth

Two Separate Arrests Highlight Patrol & Street Crimes Unit

Mesa County, Colo. -- The daily report listing those adults booked into and released from the Mesa County Detention Facility in the last 24 hours, is posted daily on our agency website. Two arrests from the report released today, include a male charged and booked into jail by deputies with the Street Crimes Unit on meth and bail bond violation(s). The other, a male charged with child abuse, robbery, burglary, theft and more.

Larry Dixson, 23
 Larry Dixson, 23, of Mesa County, is suspected of entering a home in Clifton on the night of April 5, 2014, without permission. The suspect reportedly assaulted three people who were in the home and stole item(s) from the house, then left the home. The residents/victims, through social media and eventually a photo line-up provided by deputies, were able to identify the suspect as Mr. Dixson. Patrol deputies located Mr. Dixson at 1802 Highway 6 & 50, just after 1 p.m., yesterday where they arrested him without incident on five misdemeanor and two felony charges related to this case.

Darren Caldwell, MCSO Photo 2012
Deputies with the agency's Street Crimes Unit observed traffic infractions by a driver in a Jeep Cherokee in Orchard Mesa, yesterday. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver (and only occupant of the vehicle) was identified as Darren Caldwell, 43, of Grand Junction. He was arrested for driving on a revoked driver's license, at which time about a half gram of methamphetamine was located in his possession. Darren was also confirmed to be out on bond, associated with a previous arrest (case 14CR166), with bond conditions stipulating he not commit any new felony crimes and/or have or use any controlled substances, etc. Darren was arrested and booked into the jail on five new charges.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Multiple Meth Arrests On April 3, 2014

Vicki Boren, 46, of Grand Jct.

Three Adults Booked On Meth Charges

Mesa County, Colo. -- The Street Crimes Unit deputies contacted 46-year-old, Vicki Boren, of Grand Junction, on April 3, around 4:30 p.m. in the area of Grand Mesa Avenue and Dolores Street, in Orchard Mesa. Vicki was booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on one felony charge of possession of methamphetamine and one charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. 
Jacob Murdock, 29, of Rifle
What initially was a traffic stop, led to two Rifle residents being arrested on April 3, on Highway 50, around 5 p.m. Deputies booked Rebecca Raifsnyder, 28, and Jacob Murdock, 29, into the jail on charges related to possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and multiple charges of violations of bail bond conditions. Jacob also was charged with speeding and criminal impersonation.
Rebecca Raifsnyder, 28, of Rifle
Both remain in custody with their next court appearances scheduled for April 10, at 8 a.m. Rebecca's bond was set at $3,000.00, cash or surety and Jacob's bonds were set at $3,000.00, cash only and $12,500.00, cash or surety. *Note: Surety refers to using a bail bond agent/company to insure your appearance in court.

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Protection Order Violators With Multiple Bookings Into Jail

Separate Recent Arrests For Multiple Protection Order Violations

Mesa County, Colo. --  Ryan Bost, 33, of Grand Junction, has been booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility six times since mid-December 2013, primarily for violation of a protection order among other charges and failure to appear in court warrants. Most recently, Ryan was charged with criminal impersonation, attempt to influence a public servant and violation of a protection order on April 4, 2014. 

Ryan Bost, 33, of Grand Jct.
Prior to the April arrest, Ryan was arrested by deputies on March 28, and charged with four counts of violating a protection order and child abuse. He received a $500 cash or surety bond that was posted on March 31. On March 24, he was stopped by Colorado State Patrol and issued a speeding ticket, along with being booked into jail for driving with a revoked license and violation of a protection order. He post a $100 cash only bond the next day and was released from jail. On, March 1, deputies arrested Ryan on three warrants for failure to appear in court on previous cases associated with domestic violence. On February 19, deputies arrested Ryan on charged of assault, multiple counts of harassment, obstructing a telephone and domestic violence. And, December 21, 2013, he was arrested on two warrants for failure to appear in court (on previous charges). 

Ryan's future court dates are April 29, at 8 a.m. Mesa County Department of Human Services is also involved in many of the incidents associated with Ryan's arrests. For more information on any inmate in our jail facility, visit our Inmate Inquiry System website.

Steven Casias, 43, of Fruita
Also on April 4, deputies arrested Steven Casias, 43, of Fruita, on a warrant related to domestic violence--stalking and intimidation. Previously, Steven was arrested and booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility on April 1, on a warrant to which he posted a $10,000.00, cash only bond the following day. His next scheduled court appearance for this case is April 8, at 8:30 a.m. 

Prior to the April arrests, Steven was arrested on March 1, by officers with the Grand Junction Police Department for violating a restraining order, to which he is scheduled to appear in court on this case April 14, at 8 a.m. Steven was also arrested on February 12, by deputies for multiple counts of violating a restraining order and violating bail bond conditions, and on January 26, deputies also arrested Steven for domestic violence charges, including bribing a witness and a felony theft charge.

For more information on a few statewide domestic violence statistics and to get local domestic violence assistance information, visit this Latimer House website. Domestic violence remains a steady arresting charge into the Mesa County Detention Facility. For anyone experiences immediate danger, from domestic violence, or any other 911.

Theft Of Fencing Material Totals In Thousands Of Dollars

John Stene, 24, of Clifton

Three Arrested For Theft Of Fencing Materials

Mesa County, Colo. -- On April 5, a 17-year-old female and two adult accomplices were arrested for the theft of a large amount of fencing materials from a property on 33 Road, located in Mesa County. The owner of the fencing materials estimated the value of the stolen items to be approximately $2,800.00 to $5,700.00.

From detailed eye witness accounts of the theft and information from a local recycle facility where the suspects are believed to have sold the stolen materials as scrap metal, deputies were able to contact and arrest John Stene, 24, of Clifton, and Sierra Sherman, 21, of Clifton, along with the 17-year-old female. All three suspects were charged with third degree trespassing and theft, a class six felony. In addition, John was charged with a class four felony for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, related to the 17-year-old's suspected involvement in this incident. *Note: The juvenile female is not being named in accordance with Colorado Open Records Act, C. R. S. 19-1-304 (b.5).
Sierra Sherman, 21, of Clifton

John and Sierra were previously arrested together by interstate interdiction deputies in January 2013, in Mack, and charged with possession of methamphetamine and distribution amounts of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence. 

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